Air Quality Permitting

Air Quality Permitting Services

Air quality permitting for a facility looks at the potential for a release of air pollutants from the facility.  These pollutants are evaluated for their environmental impact.   Expanding operations, changes in production volume and product design may subject a company to air quality permitting requirements.  Also, limiting pollution impacts requires a careful approach to facility design.

As a result, air quality compliance starts with an inventory of an operations’ emissions.  The air emission study results determines the extent of permit compliance.   Knowledge of federal, state, and local air pollution regulations is central to the permit process.

EverGreen EHS provides the permitting work necessary to attain air quality permits.  Satisfied client and project list includes:

  • Air permit application completion and attainment for the State of Vermont District Heat Plant, Montpelier, VT
  • Computer-based air quality modeling to optimize industrial operations
  • Air permit preparation and acquisition for a wood pellet manufacturer
  • Amendments to Title V federal air pollution permits, wood products manufacturer
  • Minor permit granted for plastic injection molding research and development laboratory


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