Lead Paint Inspection

What is a Lead Paint Inspection?

A Lead Paint Inspection is a surface-by-surface test to determine if lead based paint is in your home.  We find lead paint in houses built before 1978 in Vermont and Upstate New York.   The paint provided a protective coating for wood, lasted a long time, and discouraged mold growth. Lead paint is identified on house exteriors, bathrooms and kitchens if the home was built before 1978.

lead inspection

There are two ways to defined lead based paint.  First, a paint chip that contains more that one half of a percent – 0.5% – of lead by weight is considered lead based paint.  While it is possible to take paint chip samples of all the painted surfaces in your home, this would leave damage.  We perform inspections with an XRF to avoid this damage.   The XRF uses X-rays to “excite” the lead in the paint.  Energy reflected back to the XRF gives a reading of the lead content of the paint.  If the reading is at or greater than 1.0 milligram of lead over one square centimeter – 1.0 mg / cm2 – then the paint is considered lead-based.  Paint and surface damage does not occur in the process.

XRF Lead Paint Inspections have made this service fast and easy to do.  However, the Lead Inspector must be certified by either state authorities or by the federal government to legally perform inspections.  EverGreen has both Vermont licensed Lead Inspectors and EPA licensed Lead Inspectors on staff.

What are the benefits of a Lead Paint Inspection?

The most important reason to do a lead paint inspection is to protect small children and pregnant women from lead poisoning.  Even a sLead Inspectionmall amount of lead, less than can be seen by eye, is toxic.  Unborn children, infants and toddlers are especially at risk.  If you are about to remodel or change out windows, knowing where lead paint may be can help keep house occupants safe.  For example, using lead safe work practices will limit lead dust contamination.

Lead paint inspections are also useful if you are buying or selling a home.   A house will be worth more if there is no lead paint present.  Buyers of a home that may have lead can confirm the presence of lead paint with a pre-purchase lead inspection.  A prospective home owner will then know what  lead based paint risks they may be getting.

What is in an Inspection Report?

EverGreen employs certified EPA / Vermont licensed lead inspectors.  Trained inspectors follow the US Housing and Urban Development [HUD] “Guidelines for the Evaluation and Control of Lead-based Paint Hazards in Housing”, second edition July 2012.  The guideline gives strict requirements for the inspection methods and the report contents.  In your report, you will find:

  1.   Lead Data Sheets which show the exact location, paint color, paint condition and substrate with the XRF results.  Positive results are highlighted.
  2.   A Floor Plan that matches the locations of the XRF testing.
  3.   Photographic documentation of the findings.
  4.   Recommendations with regard to remodeling risks, and / or how to avoid lead paint hazards.

If no lead paint is found, EverGreen can take lead dust sampling tests in strategic locations to prove that no lead paint hazard exists.

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