Vermont Essential Maintenance Practices

Vermont Essential Maintenance Practices

The Vermont EMP Law

Vermont Lead LawThe Vermont State Legislature passed Title 18: Health, Chapter 38: Lead Poisoning Law in 1996.  This law sets requirements that control certification of lead paint contractors, inspectors, risk assessors and other lead based paint workers.  The law creates a requirement for owners of rental housing and child care facilities built before 1978 to perform Essential Maintenance Practices, or EMPs.   EMPs are a combination of safe work practices and inspections done to ensure unit occupants and children are not poisoned by lead based paint.

I own a residential rental unit or a child care.  What do I need to do?

First, learn about EMPs.  The EMP process has two parts.  The two parts reflect:

  • Lead Safe work practices, or how to do minor maintenance where lead paint may be without causing lead dust or a poisoning risk, and
  • An annual inspection of the property to document that no lead poisoning risks are present.

In addition, landlords and child care operators must disclose information to tenants about lead paint and lead poisoning risks.

A good link to more information is at: Vermont Housing Conservation Board Lead Safe Program 

The VHCB is a separate nonprofit organization with lots of  helpful information about both lead paint, lead hazards, and EMPs.  They manage federal funding to help minimize lead paint risks.

I have a rental unit built before 1978.  Can I be removed from the filing EMP certification?

Yes, if a Vermont Licensed Lead Inspector uses established HUD guidelines to test the property to determine EMP Compliance Statement the presence of lead based paint.  The closer the build date is to 1978, the more likely that there is no lead based paint present.  Also, building components may not have lead paint due to extensive renovations to a building.

If a lead inspection shows that there is no lead based paint present, EverGreen can help you submit a request for exclusion.

Who can perform Lead Inspections and EMPs?

In Vermont, all lead based paint activities must be performed by licensed or certified persons.   EMP certification is easy; there is a 4-hour course that shows how to work lead safe.  However, Lead Inspectors licensing is more involved.  Inspectors must have experience, training, certification and take a State specific test under the Vermont Lead Regulations to achieve licensure.

♦   Under VT Law, all paint in rental units / child care facilities is considered Lead-based until proven otherwise by a Vermont Lead Inspector or Lead Risk Assessor.   

EverGreen has VT and EPA Licensed Lead Inspectors and EMP Certified persons on staff.  

To find out more about Lead Inspections, click here:  Lead Based Paint Inspections

To contact us to schedule an Inspection or Annual EMP Inspection, click here: Contact Us

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